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My name is Bart and I’m delighted that you reached my website. I came from Poland to Ireland for a half a year 11 years ago and I love to be here. It’s great also for me to be happy father of two lovely children and husband of a wonderful woman. I am cheerful and friendly person.

I don’t want to make you bored by reading pompous story how photography was part of my life since I was born with camera in my hand. However I need to say photography is very reason I wake up every day. It’s my life, my passion and happily for me my job also.




I try to be in a right place, in a right time with my camera to catch magical and unique moments of life filled with people’s emotions. This ability turn photographs in into wonderful memories as they bring back all positive feelings about those moments. I believe passion in photography is most important. Photographing people, their important moments and occasions is not just all about equipment. My passion for photography will ensure not only an excellent service but also a personal commitment to a unique and enjoyable experience. I aspire to apply artistic expression in every picture I take and put emphasis on fresh ideas.

I specialise in Weddings, First Communions, Children and Family Portraits. In my offer you can find Commercial Photography services include Headshots, Packshots and Corporate Photography.

My work it’s not only taking photos. We will carefully plan your session before shooting. This is just to help you to know what to expect. It is imperative that each session is fun and relaxing for everyone involved. If you’re relaxed during the photo session you will take more natural pictures and this will also help to get best result for your shots.

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